Défibrose Mont Orford 2020

This year, the Défibrose Mont Orford is undergoing a beautiful metamorphosis, but retains its essence: surpassing ourselves!

The activity will take place virtually from September 14 to October 18, 2020.

Young and old, solo or in teams (respecting the rules of social distancing), are invited to climb three (3) mountains of their choice during the same day. Quite a challenge!

Mountains of your choice: Orford, Echo, Singer, Glen, Gauvin, Foster, Pinnacle, Chagnon... Alouette!

The challenge of climbing three (3) mountains is a bit crazy and no one can do the impossible! We are open to any challenge that will be up to your ability. Choose a challenge that suits you, there is no obligation.

For more information, to register or to make a donation, go to the new Défibrose Orford Web page:


September 14 2020
Ending date
October 18 2020

Estrie - Monts au choix/Mountains of your choice!
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